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Durex And Vice Arabia unveil ‘Tasjeelat Durex’: a campaign that puts a spotlight on Arabic Hip-Hop

Reckitt-owned Durex is celebrating a raft of homegrown talent in the Middle East with the launch of a first of its kind music campaign. Durex has teamed up with VICE Arabia, a youth media company in the region, to showcase the work of multiple Arab hip-hop artists over the course of the year.

Called ‘Tasjeelat Durex’ in Arabic, ‘Durex Records’ in English, the campaign aims to provide a platform for regional music artists belonging to the Arabic hip-hop movement – a rapidly growing genre that has amassed an incredible following and is often characterised by passionate lyrics about fighting stereotypes, embracing individuality and celebrating freedom.

Tasjeelat Durex links with the brand’s overall message that has primarily focused on unleashing one’s true self while pushing the boundaries of self-expression and empowerment. It will also play a vital role in placing Durex at the centre of stimulating conversations that revolve around culture, identity and music. This is reflected primarily in the choice of artists for the campaign who are driving forward progressive ideologies and communicating their minds through music.


The first artist to be featured Is The Synaptik, known for his raw and gritty lyrics that give a voice to Arab youth. Next up is Slow Moe, hailed as one of the first Saudi hip-hop artists who has quickly risen quickly to prominence as a prolific rapper with his distinct style and hard-hitting lyrics addressing youth issues in the country. With more artists to be announced soon, Tasjeelat Durex serves to highlight the diverse nature and sound of Arabic hip-hop by scouting talent from different parts of the region.

“Durex is on a mission to liberate, educate and equip Arab Youth to be their true self and the Durex Tasjeelat taps into an incredible intersection of youth culture, musical insight and the magic of content,” said Imran Yousuf, Marketing Director Middle East. “We are proud to partner with Vice Arabia on this milestone in the history of the brand in the region. This campaign is the first time we are creating work in market for the Arab youth, so to tie this in with so many homegrown musical talents is incredibly exciting.”

“Durex is a brand that isn’t afraid to explore new territories, so they were perfect partners on this special project,” said Carla Dabis, Commercial Director MEA for VICE Arabia.

“We hope that as well as being a place for new music discovery and genre-defining content, Tasjeelat Durex can also be somewhere our audiences can learn new things about themselves and spread that positivity through their lives,” Dabis added.

Fans can look forward to exclusive live performances of the artists’ most popular songs along with in-depth interviews covering their experiences and cultural influences that have helped shape the emerging music genre in the Middle East.