Horizon Group of agencies unite to fight Covid-19

Horizon Group of agencies came back to work, but not like before!

While social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands and video conferencing were the headlines across the city; Horizon Group’s agencies came back with an engaging internal campaign to ensure everyone is aware of the new safety measures and engages positively adhering to them.

Because when the world around us has changed, how do you keep people safe? help clients brave the tough times? and, uplift everyone’s mood?

By uniting the team in the fight against Covid-19!

Introducing the ‘10 War Rules’ created by Horizon FCB Dubai & produced by Fuel Content this motivational, fun and retro internal communication campaign reminded people to Wash, Wear, Wave, Watch, Wipe, Wash (again!) and most importantly WIN the battle against COVID-19.

The team at the agencies of Horizon Group was energized by the appearance of the integrated campaign featuring branded masks, screen savers, e-mailers, social media posts & videos, posters and wall branding, social distancing floor stickers, funky decals and an interactive wall inviting each team member to stick their name on their choice of battleship as a commitment to help protect the office against hazard.

“United together we shall win, for a safe Horizon” added Mazen Jawad, President of Horizon Holdings.