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Home of Switz and Socialize launch Endless Iftar Table Ramadan campaign

Filter allows people to help create endless iftar table stitched from multiple images

It’s a fact; 2020 changed Ramadan as we know it, and the effects are still very much being felt in 2021.

The pandemic has kept us in fear of the safety of our loved ones, changing our behavior towards how we connect with one another. Where we can’t physically share plates or tables – our moments with each other this Ramadan have had to change too.

But, if 2020 has proven anything, it is that our spirits can’t be quarantined. This Ramadan we want to prove to the world that the spirit of Ramadan will not be locked down again; by truly connecting our tables in these distanced times.

To achieve this goal, Socialize launched a filter that provides people different ‘outlines’, encouraging them to take a picture of their own Iftar table. Then – we seamlessly stitch between the Story submissions to create an endless Iftar table that lives and breathes online, on our @homeofSwitz Instagram story highlights.

We launched the campaign with a teaser film that builds excitement for our hero film, inviting everyone to use the filter and help us create the longest digital Iftar table in history.

The creative idea of the films is سفرة دايمة، دايماً ,which is mainly wishing for this generosity to continue endlessly, the moments to last forever and for the table to keep on connecting us together till the end of time.


Brand Title: Home of Switz

  • Bahaa Moussalli – Head of Marketing
  • Faten AlDous – Marketing Executive


Creative agency: Socialize: 

  • Amr Younis – Creative Director
  • Khaled Hakim – Account Director
  • Anyce Nedir – Client Partner
  • Shivani Kulshrestha – Strategist
  • Mohamad Awkal – Account Manager
  • Ingy Noureldin – Senior Account Executive
  • Anas Abdel Aziz – Account Executive
  • Brittany Wickerson – Media Director
  • Omar Kanjo – Digital Performance Specialist
  • Lubna Alsalous – Arabic Copywriter
  • Omar Mohamed – Junior Content Creator
  • Marrwan El hussein – Art Director
  • Mohab Essam – Production Manager
  • Alisha Gopiraj – Video Editor
  • Sooraj Thazhath Rayorath – Creative Technologist
  • Gionne Lapuz – Web Developer