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GMC Arabia and FP7 McCann launch Legacy of Verse GMC Yukon campaign

GMC Arabia and FP7 McCann are proud to introduce Legacy of Verse, a breathtaking new film that launches the All-New GMC Yukon in the Middle East. This cinematic debut highlights the bold design and powerful capability of the vehicle in a captivating blend of sights and sounds.

The Yukon’s devotees are so inspired by its power and luxury that some have taken to writing odes in the style of Classical Arabic Poetry. Those words became the unifying idea of the campaign.

Kelly MacDonald, chief marketing officer of General Motors Middle East, says: “The Legacy of Verse announces our all-new GMC Yukon. Celebrating GMC’s rich Arab culture and heritage, I’m delighted and proud of the GMC Arabia team and the FP7 McCann Dubai team for all their hard work and dedication on our newest Professional Grade campaign. The new campaign is spoken through our customer’s voice; it revolves entirely around verses sourced from a variety of classical Arab poems about the Yukon. It’s a true partner, for those who dare to lead.”

“To venerate a brand to the point that you’re writing poems about it, well, there’s simply no parallel” explains Regional Executive Creative Director Fouad Abdel Malak. “Right away, we knew that poetry was going to play an integral part in the communication, and no other brand could claim such a rich, locally relevant heritage.”

Eschewing the usual category clichés, the creative team carefully curated and combined these lyrical expressions of appreciation to craft a story that unfolds through the words of its most passionate admirers.

In the riveting spot, shot entirely at night by acclaimed German Director Nico Kreis, a young boy watches the dark sky as the Yukon races through the dimly lit desert. The poet tells an epic tale of a mysterious creature whose thunderous “heart illuminates earth, moon and sky.” The night explodes in a playful dance of animated sparks and calligraphy that bring the poet’s words to life. The light artfully passes, circles and highlights the YUKON’s striking looks, emphasizing the distinctive grille and elegant chrome details.

The result is a veritable feast for the senses, combining the power of the spoken word, with a propulsive score by Amsterdam-based EDM superstar DJ Unders that takes the centuries-old Bedouin tradition into the 21st Century as it comes beautifully to life before our eyes. The Legacy of Verse is at once timeless and wholly modern, sure to enthral and delight longtime GMC fans while welcoming newcomers to the brand in a film that is pure poetry in motion.

Creative Credits:

Fouad Abdel Malak: Regional Executive Creative Director

Nima Askari: GM – Business Unit

Mario Morby: Head of Strategy

Claudia Canas: Creative Director – Art

Cindy Hammel: Creative Director – Copy

Manar Munjed: Head of Arabic

Stuart Randall: Regional Account Director

Malak El Nahas: Account Manager

Khazmin Jumain: Social Strategist

Ibrahim Hasan: Social Media Manager

Joumana Haddad: Producer