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Future of Marketing: Embracing innovation and emerging trends

Viola Comms's Ola El Sisi walks through what could be next for marketing and how they are preparing for it.

Picture this: the marketing world is vibrant with rapid changes and it seems like every day there are more and more factors at play that influence the trends of marketing and media.

Right now, we are pushing the boundaries of the technology involved, so it really is an exciting time to be a part of this pioneering industry.

As these trends evolve, our goal at Viola Communications is to stay ahead of the game, leveraging the latest tools and strategies to create impactful campaigns.

So how do we do that ? Let me walk you through what could be next for marketing and how we are preparing for it.

New and exciting developments

Perhaps the most exciting and challenging development is Artificial Intelligence and its incredible data analysis potential. Imagine having the ability to predict what consumers want before they even know it themselves.

AI, when combined with visionary focus, is transforming marketing by analyzing vast amounts of data to create personalised and highly effective campaigns.

It is like having a crystal ball that gives us insights into consumer behavior.

At the same time, AI-powered chatbots are enhancing customer service, providing instant, personalised responses that keep users engaged, and now, with the associated rise of powerful voice-activated devices, optimising content for voice search is becoming essential.

Meanwhile, influencer marketing continues to grow, but it is in danger of becoming a crowded space and with so many influencers and endorsements, authenticity will continue to be key.

Consumers have always been seeking out genuine connections, and it is essential for those involved that any targeted communication is both meaningful and engaging.

Augmented Reality (AR) is another emerging game-changer. Imagine trying on clothes or seeing how new furniture looks in your living room without having to leave your house.

AR makes this possible, offering immersive and interactive experiences that perfectly blend the online and offline worlds seamlessly – these are big shifts, right?

Social commerce is on the rise too. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok are expanding from social networks into shopping destinations.

This dynamic integration allows users to make purchases directly from their feeds, turning moments of inspiration into instant buying opportunities.

Changing customers journeys

The way we understand customer journeys is also changing. Today’s audiences don’t follow a straight path from awareness to purchase, they jump between stages, interacting with content on a variety of platforms.

In our business, we need to be present and engaging at every single touchpoint, making their journey smooth and enjoyable no matter where they start, or end.

Sustainability and social responsibility have become central themes in marketing. Consumers want brands that align with their values and demonstrate a genuine commitment to environmental and social causes.

It’s not just about selling products, it’s about making a positive and effective impact.

Responsible business practices are crucial for long-term success, and this is why our conceptualisation of the “Viola with You” initiative came to life last year.

As a leader in the marcoms industry, we wanted to take a part in giving back to the community through solid initiatives that support a broad range of stakeholders.

Embracing innovation

At Viola Communications, we have always been committed to embracing innovation and staying ahead of any shift in direction.

For example, we recently attended the World Out of Home Organisation conference in Hong Kong where we gained incredible insights into the future of outdoor advertising.

We are excited to bring these innovations to life, both locally and globally, and to share more innovative ideas that we’ll be adopting, not only as outdoor media owners but in all communication and marketing functions.

As technology advances and consumer habits evolve, one thing is for sure: the landscape of marketing will continue to transform. Staying informed, listening to industry experts, and adapting to new trends is essential.

By leveraging AI-driven personalisation, immersive AR experiences, and socially responsible practices, we can connect with our audiences in exciting and meaningful ways. The key to success lies in creativity, innovation, and agility.

Let us embrace these exciting changes together and create something extraordinary in the world of marketing.

by Ola El Sisi, Chief Commercial Officer, Viola Communications