ELEVEN PR launches GEN11

The new offering will connect brands with creative talent across the Middle East to generate local, authentic, creative and cost-effective brand content.

Integrated communications agency, ELEVEN PR, has announced the launch of GEN11. This new service harnesses the collective might of content creators across the Middle East to deliver powerful, creative brand content.

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GEN11 has been created in response to greater demand from brands to deliver cost-effective social content without compromising on creativity and quality. The solution to that is to foster the extraordinary, upcoming creative talent in the region and bring the two together.

This service is a first of its kind in the region created with the needs of brands and independent content creators, in mind. By collaborating with artists, photographers, conceptualists, videographers, and more, brands will discover new ways to share their story with their audiences.

Dan Leach

Dan Leach, general manager of ELEVEN PR, said, “There will always be a place for high-value/high-production content. But more and more, brands are demanding a social-first, mobile-first and audience-first approach that is creative and cost-effective. This is what GEN11 offers to brands. The service will give our clients access to some of the brightest, most creative talent in the region whilst giving that talent the opportunity to work with some of the world’s boldest and bravest brands.”

The way it works is simple…

We craft briefs on behalf of brands and commission content creators to go out, interpret that brief, and create fast, dynamic film and photography content those brands can use on their social channels.

Among the content creators chosen are Salima Alaoui, Kalid Hasan, and Iyad Fayad – all highly talented individuals that focus on photography. Each content creator has their own unique style and approach to photography making them perfect for any project.

This new offering from ELEVEN PR disrupts the idea of traditional brand content by leveraging the creative force of a new generation of content creators. The network is a source of authentic content created in a short amount of time with high value to the client and creator. There is no limit to what can be achieved or created with a library of young, hungry local creators across the region.