Electriclime° welcomes James Stapleton to roster

Electriclime° have signed filmmaker James Stapleton to their director roster. The British director will be represented throughout the Middle East and APAC regions. Through working with clients including Lincoln, Air Canada and Samsung, Stapleton’s films focus in the commercial and documentary realms.

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His work has a proclivity for aesthetic and emotional storytelling, while also working regularly as a photographer.

“I am extremely excited to join the team,” Stapleton said. “I have huge admiration for Electriclime° and the bold work that they and their directors are doing.

“For me, being based in North America and Europe, I also relish the opportunity to dip my toes into new markets – an opportunity which I hope will afford me the chance to work on exciting projects with people that approach storytelling and aesthetics in exciting new ways.”

With a strong interest in art and science, Stapleton’s background has taken him through the world of mechanical engineering, while also living in Japan.

His love of cinema and aesthetics have inspired his work, developing a deep understanding for the language of filmmaking and the creation of dramatic structure.

Stapleton added: “I am quite meticulous and conscientious in my approach to filmmaking. I tend to like to work very closely with storyboards, believing that the best work stems from a very precise and detailed plan – plans, which of course, can be deviated from at any point in the search for something that feels authentic and right in the moment.

“I am also a strong believer that it is through allusion that the most impactful impressions are made.

“Japanese aesthetics tells us that it’s often what’s not included that is of the most significance to a work, since it is in the space or void that we are asked as an observer to most actively participate and ponder the whole.”