E-commerce platform Jumia launches programmatic ad offering

Credits: Jumia Group

Jumia advertising, the advertising arm of Jumia e-commerce platform, has announced the launch of its programmatic advertising service.

Menna Samir, Group VP Jumia Advertising, Jumia highlights the offering of the new solution, “With Programmatic Advertising, we aim to empower sellers and advertisers across Africa by equipping them with the cutting-edge tools and insights needed to make data-driven decisions and achieve superior campaign results.”

The launch is also part of Jumia’s strategic plan to increase revenue and accelerate its path to profitability.

Jumia also says that the new offering ”represents a huge opportunity for brands and SMEs to reach more online shoppers”.

The programmatic advertising offering will be a part of the Africa-based e-commerce platform’s online retail media space on its websites.

Through the offering, advertisers would be able to access the data of the visitors to Jumia’s e-commerce website.

Programmatic Advertising on Jumia enables advertisers to control their targeted audiences, budget spends and monitor the performance of their campaigns through a real time dashboard.

Jumia Advertising’s programmatic offering will feature two collaboration options for its advertisers.

The first type called Preferred Deal will be open to both sellers/brands on Jumia and advertising agencies.

The offering will allow brands to utilise Jumia’s first-party data for targeted and optimised campaigns.

The second collaboration option, Private Auction,  will  be available only for advertising agencies.

This option aims to provide agencies the opportunity to launch awareness campaigns targeting e-commerce customers at significantly lower costs per thousand impressions (CPM) compared to benchmark CPM rates.

An  e-commerce company in Africa, Jumia operates in 11 countries including Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.