“Dubai, Thank you for your support” – VIP Films.

VIP Films thanks the community for its support during Covid times.

We have all been severely affected by the Covid-19 lockdown. While we all had to adhere to severe restrictions for the greater good of all, it created a big financial impact on our industry, as on so many others as well.  With the slow return to a “responsible normal”, we now find some clients are still very cautious. Nobody is able to predict what lies ahead. Clients require plenty of risk assessment calculations for various Covid-19 related scenarios affecting productions. There is a feeling of trying to be prepared for whatever might lie ahead before taking a decision on proceeding or not.

Business is clearly picking up, with plenty more pitches and productions in the market. Our shared continued efforts to take on this new way of conducting business in a responsible manner is key in ensuring our industry stays afloat.  We still need to deliver excellent films and high standard productions, but with masks, frequent sanitizing and social distancing in place as well.

It does slow things down during prep and onset and with reduced crews, people need to take on more and more tasks in order to compensate with fewer hands on deck. Clients are also shrinking their spend on advertising, conservatively feeling out the water during this time, which is adding strain on the whole process.

So yes, work is picking up after the complete lockdown we went through, but certainly not like before and everyone is very careful about spending money and very conscious about the implications of cancellations due to possible new regulations coming out.

VIP Films resumed shooting as normally as possible thanks to the support of the Dubai Film and TV Commission who are very supportive when it comes to issuing permits.  Directors are now flying in normally and we are able to get to work in a way that resembles pre-Covid-19 times, to a degree. VIP Films also resumed servicing for other countries who have difficulties shooting in their own country and with the help of live streaming we can offer great solutions for them.

It certainly is a challenge, but one that we are ready to take on.

Thank you.

VIP Films recent Productions under COVID restrictions:




Dubai Ladies Club from VIP FILMS – The Production Label on Vimeo.

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