Du rolls out major brand advertising campaign

UAE telco du is rolling out its first major brand advertising campaign since the release of its launch campaign in 2006.

Designed to get closer to consumers and banish any negative perceptions about the brand, the campaign will run across television, print, digital and outdoor and carries the theme ‘open your heart’.

Shot in the UAE, the work includes two 50-second TVCs called ‘Beat’ and ‘Pulse’ (both in Arabic and English) and seven print executions.

Created by Leo Burnett Dubai, the TVCs were shot by director Matthias Zentner and production company Joy Films. The campaign’s digital effects are the work of Velvet in Munich, while OMD Dubai is handling media. Zentner is also responsible for the photography in the print executions.

Ashish Banerjee, vice-president of brand and communications at du, said Leo Burnett had responded “magnificently” to the brief. “The purpose of this campaign is to get people to see us afresh,” said Banerjee. “We want even more people to feel closer to us and adopt us. It’s no secret that if you like a brand, you’re more likely to give it business, and be the brand’s advocate in public. With this campaign, we hope people will see us for the innovative, inclusive, human brand that we are.”

Du is the trade name of the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company.


  • I have to say that I’m disappointed. By knowing other projects Matthias directed in the past, this campaign doesn’t reflect his style and creativity. But maybe it wasn’t him, maybe the client insisted on his “vision” and he only did the job and thought what ever. Common problem here, clients don’t take advise and don’t listen and results are always uninspired and boring.

  • On the other note, can someone explain what “add life to life” means? Yes, I have a life…. I can add fun to it, more fun, super fun, more excitement, more risk, more more more…….but I have a life already, I’m not dead. If you’re a zombie…yes, it works…

  • I think its a pretty good ad when i watched it and the visuals are actually breath taking! I immediately googled the ad up to watch it again to really grasp the thought behind it and found this article. I am kind of surprised & disappointed there are people who din’t like it..i mean whats there not to like..It’s so fresh! I suggest stop over analyzing 😛

  • A concept based on Beat and Pulse? Every time someone or something touches someone or something and it starts pulsating, creating waves, ripples etc. Overdone to death! Nothing new and fresh. And post-production and VFX could have been way better as well, but they probably ran out of money by the end of shooting it.

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