Batelco calls advertising review

Bahraini telecommunications firm Batelco has called a review of its advertising account.

A spokesperson for the company confirmed that the review was taking place and that it was part of a process that takes place every two years.

The incumbent on the account is FP7/BAH, which was recently named ‘agency of the year’ at the MENA Cristal Festival in Lebanon on the back of its body of work for Batelco. For the first time in its history, the festival had awarded the cyber grand Cristal as a combined European and MENA Cristal to FP7/BAH for its work for Batelco across five different campaigns, including the online advertising film, Infinity. FP7 is taking part in the review.

Batelco has been investing heavily in its brand following the creation of the company’s new brand identity at the tail end of 2009. Created by IPG agency FutureBrand, the identity seeks to convey the message that Batelco is an integral part of Bahraini life. A number of campaigns were released last year, particularly during the first quarter, when Batelco sought to consolidate its position within the telco market ahead of the entry of a third operator in the country, Viva.


  • What??? Excuse me, I didn’t get it!
    I can visualize the agency smiling with pride and the client looking for an excuse, puzzled all over..

  • may be the agency stopped giving money to the client so they decided to move to another agency willing to give them more money

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