Collaborations are key for local brand

Athleisure label IKASU works with local Arab influencers and fitness studios at its marketing strategy

What distinguishes IKASU from other brands is that while the athleisure industry is dominated by large corporations and male leaders, IKASU is created and led by an Arab woman.

Founded by Karima Karmouzi in Dubai in 2021, IKASU is a homegrown label that has built a passionate fanbase. She is passionate about championing women’s empowerment through an active lifestyle.

IKASU believes in supporting the fitness community which is why it’s partnered with prominent fitness studios like Barry’s Bootcamp and Crank in the UAE to produce co-branded lines of products.

IKASU has also partnered with exceptional women content creators like Mona Mohammed Bin Kalli, Christelle Fourzali AJ and Dana Malhas Ghandour to create co-branded lines of clothing as well.

“The journey of IKASU was not without its challenges. Entering the activewear industry posed numerous hurdles, from sourcing the right supplier to navigating the complex world of e-commerce,” said Karmouzi.

“The traditional business landscape has evolved into a contemporary model, one that merges fitness, evolving customer preferences and new distribution avenues.”

Karima Karmouzi, the founder of IKASU

Celebrity collaborations

Collaboration is at the heart of IKASU’s growth strategy. “We thrive on working with individuals and businesses that share our values and contribute to the growth of our wellness community.

“As a testament to this commitment, we’ve partnered with BARRYS and Crank – both leading fitness studios – to curate collections available exclusively at their Dubai and Abu Dhabi locations.”

The local brand’s collaborations extend beyond fitness studios, and it has joined forces with prominent female content creators and sports professionals to create capsule collections.

“These collaborations amplify our message across a wider spectrum, inspiring women from various walks of life. An example of this is our partnership with Mona Bin Kalli. Moreover, we consistently collaborate with talented women in diverse sports fields, from dance to yoga, to create and share content that is positive and mindful.”

Through fashion, fitness, and collaboration, IKASU continues to build a passionate community to support and empower women, encouraging them pursue their passions and lead fulfilling lives.