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Nissan: A league of its own

In a  venture in sports sponsorship, Nissan Middle East has partnered with the premier football team, Manchester City, to showcase the Nissan Patrol in a new campaign called ‘A League of its Own.’

The brand has leveraged this collaboration to implement a social-first approach, unveiling an online campaign that places the brand’s flagship car at the forefront of the narrative, highlighting its distinctive luxurious features.

Combining humour and excitement, the campaign stars Manchester City’s main players – Jérémy Doku, Kyle Walker, and Bernardo Silva – off the training ground.

In a series of compelling and entertaining content pieces, the players are seen enjoying the experience of the Nissan Patrol, momentarily distracted from reality as they miss their training session.

The campaign’s objective was to design a narrative that resonates deeply with fans while delivering value to the brand.

From engaging scripts to innovative content formats, every aspect has been crafted to captivate audiences and set a new benchmark in sponsorship advertising.

Staying true to Nissan’s brand platform of ‘defy ordinary,’ this initiative demonstrates the brand’s dedication to  innovation across every touchpoint.


Walid Kanaan – Chief Creative Officer
Wassim Abi Salloum – Managing Director | NissanUnited
Frederico Roberto – Executive Creative Director
Tony Kayouka – Head of Social and Content
Romy Abdelnour – Head of Communications
Hassan Abbas – Senior Director – Precision Marketing and Media | NissanUnited
Elie Naaman – Account Director | NissanUnited
Sumanth Wilkins – Creative Director | NissanUnited
Ayman Shehadeh – Senior Arabic Copywriter | NissanUnited
Afaf Zaher – Associate Director – Performance | NissanUnited
Essa Salama – Senior Media Manager | NissanUnited
Marah Ghadban – Account Manager | NissanUnited
Ghalia Al Saheb – Social Media Manager | NissanUnited
Faten Rayess – Manager – Performance | NissanUnited
Andy Hanna – Senior Executive Planning – Precision Marketing and Media | NissanUnited
Savannah Wehbi – Executive – Performance | NissanUnited
Wael Batrouni – Executive – Performance | NissanUnited
Karine Saad – Social Media Executive | NissanUnited
Ameer Hamza – Content Creator | NissanUnited
Lea Moufarej – Corporate Communications Executiv

Client: Nissan Middle East

Abdulilah Wazni – Director of Marketing Communications, Brand and Customer Experience
Roland Zahra – General Manager of Marketing Communications
Carla El Hachem – Deputy General Manager of Marketing Communications
Meera Saleem – Brand and Social Media Manage

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