Feel, look and drive like a president


Lebanon has been grappling with a presidential vacancy, leaving a void in national leadership. 

Amid this political backdrop, the ‘Presidential Luxury’ marketing campaign has made an appearance. 

Launched by One11 Creative agency for their Beirut-based client Rasamny-Younis Motor Company (RYMCO), the campaign introduces the Hongqi car, known for its status as the official presidential vehicle in China, to the Lebanese market. 

It aims to captures the essence of leadership but also align with Lebanon’s yearning for political and prestigious symbols.

The campaign, launched in collaboration with Memories Events Management, has captured the nation’s attention, sparking organic buzz and inspiring imitation across various media.

Drawing inspiration from the campaign, a major local daily in Lebanon conducted an interview with an ‘AI president,’ a creative endeavor influenced by the innovative spirit of One11’s campaign.

Nizar Malaeb, Co-Founder & CEO of One11 Creative Agency, said: “The campaign narrative revolves around the concept of ‘Presidential Luxury’, drawing parallels between the enduring virtues of a true President and the timeless elegance of Hongqi vehicles.

“The inspiration behind the campaign stemmed from the distinguished heritage of the car itself, which happens to be the same model used as the official presidential vehicle in China. Through captivating visuals, immersive videos, and engaging social media content, One11 has conveyed the essence of prestige and refinement associated with the brand, while also emphasizing the car manufacturer’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology.”

“The ‘Presidential Luxury’ campaign was born from a desire not only to showcase Hongqi’s opulence but also to spark a dialogue about leadership in Lebanon’s current context. It’s incredibly rewarding to see our campaign inspiring others to think creatively and engage with themes of leadership and innovation in new and exciting ways,” Nizar added.



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Key to the campaign’s success has been its organic impact, igniting word of mouth across the country and even among political circles.

The campaign’s message, ‘Feel like a president. Look like a president. Drive like a president,’ has resonated with  consumers to experience the brand.

“In a country hungry for leadership, this campaign has not only captured hearts but also sparked a wider conversation about the intersection of politics, prestige, and automotive excellence, Nizar concluded.

From a billboard teaser campaign to a reveal video, the campaign has unfolded across various platforms. 

Major social media influencers and accounts have joined the conversation, amplifying the campaign’s reach and cementing Hongqi’s position in the automotive world.