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Campaign graduates 2016: Dana El Hassan

Dana_El_Hassan JWT

Age: 22

Degree: Bachelor of business administration, American University of Beirut, 2014

Position: Senior executive, The Innovation Group MENA, J. Walter Thompson

While data mining was once done manually, the ‘algorithmic wizardry of AI’ is ushering in a more efficient, seamless and far more intuitive way of doing things. Robot-assisted systems will drive us to unparalleled levels of predictive emotional and social intelligence that can better humanity.

Will we really be able to predict the future? With the speed of change nowadays, this doesn’t seem far off.

The machine vs. human debate has brought about many existential conversations. Yet there is a certain depth to what we do that still requires an intrinsic knowledge of people. Call it fresh-grad romanticism, but there’s nothing as sexy as reaching into people’s hearts if you ask me. And that is our edge as human beings.