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Campaign graduates 2016: Nagham Samy

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Age: 24

Degree: Chemical engineering, American University of Sharjah, 2015

Position: Social media executive, Wavemaker (MEC)

Many people seem to think that the community management aspect of social media will shift from the social media teams to chatbots and in-house brand teams.

But, while the customer care answers may be standard, what about the mine of insights that is authentic fan engagement? Then comes the segregation between content and analysis… Ahhh! Where to begin?

In order to provide your client with the best strategic approach and execution, data must be the driving force behind your content. And for social media, this simply means:

Quantitative data (engagements) + qualitative data (community management) = successful social media presence.

The social audience has its own needs and consumption habits, and social media as a group of platforms is an armoury of tools to increase return on investment and drive conversions. For this reason, and as clients begin to shift their attention to social and digital, a social media executive can no longer only be a superb community manager and content writer.

A top-notch social media executive will be a trend hunter, pattern spotter, master strategist and number guru too. This 360-degree approach to social will give rise to the social media hybrid – the key to social media success.