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Campaign graduates 2016: Nour Montasser

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Campaign asked interns and recent graduates about how they see their role in the industry changing in the next five years

Age: 22

Degree: Digital enterprise management, University of Toronto, 2015

Position: Junior biddable media executive, MEC Interaction

For me, the most powerful phenomena on social media are virality and shareability. The ultimate goal as an advertiser is to put content out there that moves the target audience enough to feel something and share their thoughts about it.

I think the primary change in the coming years will be going beyond celebrating the buzz to celebrating the impact. We’re moving past the concept of digital and enterprise as two separate entities and moving into the era of digital enterprise. For brands, this means creating a strong synergy between online engagement and online sales.

The stories of paid social media are told through numbers, making their best impact where time is spent most. Our options in this digital era are ample. As a result, we get bored faster, distracted easier, yet somehow we still remain hungry for more.

So to answer the question: in five years’ time my job will still be dedicated to the crowd and the drive for numbers, but which platform that will be on? We’ll let the people decide on that one.