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Campaign graduates 2016: Ayah Qaddoumi

Ayah Loreal 1

Campaign asked interns and recent graduates about how they see their role in the industry changing in the next five years

Age: 22

Degree: Bachelor’s in mass communication (concentrating on advertising, minoring in marketing), American University of Sharjah, 2016

Position: Marketing intern at L’Oreal Middle East

A brand can be a consumer’s best friend through the use of digital, but it is very important to understand how to build this relationship from the beginning. It is important because marketers hold huge responsibilities while the industry is changing and the world evolving. They should always be flexible to change and willing to become part of the technological evolution.

In the future, people will want more than just a brand marketing to them. They want to have a conversation and an interaction with what they love, and with the right use of digital tools a brand can meet these needs and win consumers. If a brand wins the heart and the mind of a consumer, it will eventually build on its sales.

The key to success is the consumer: always listen to what they have to say because most of the branded content will come from the consumers as user-generated-content.

Soon your ideas and your campaigns will simply come from your consumers. Therefore, always engage them and build an authentic connection so you add value. This friendly relationship and the value you provide is what will increase your sales.