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Burger King picks a fight with McDonald’s over an island

Burger King dropped a new campaign asking people to rename an island to Whopper Island.

The island in question shares its name with the brand’s famous rival, McDonald’s.

Created by DM9 Brazil for Burger King Brazil, the campaign was launched through a mockumentary and user-interaction campaign.

Taking a nat-geo documentary approach, complete with a David Attenborough reminiscent voice, the mockumentary dives into the heart of the matter, the fire.

Located between Madagascar and Antarctica, the island (that really exists) is a volcanic island.

Burger King felt strongly about the fact that a volcanic island is called McDonald’s. The famous fire-grilled burgers brand claims that a place with real fire should be called Whopper Island.

Burger King Brazil asked Whopper lovers to change the name of McDonald’s Island. It’s argument?

“There’s a volcano spitting fire there. The Whopper is made with fire.”

The video then asks the viewers to look up the island on Google maps.

It shares the exact co-ordinates of the island – 53º04’35.69”S 73º30’49.18”E – and urges the whopper lovers to help change its name, by asking them to comment #IlhaWhopper (which means Whopper Island in Portuguese) on Google Maps.

The brand then offered the people taking part a find coupons for the Whopper Island.

The mockumentary itself supports the campaign with a tongue-in-cheek lines including calling the island’s name “the cheapest form of irony”. These lines are very much in line with Burger King’s brand personality.

The video even goes as far to say that they fed the “island’s keepers” the one thing they can’t get at McDonald’s, a flame grilled meal.