Balancing global trends and local values in Saudi Arabia

LeadGen’s Mohamad Mardini highlights the divergence of global influences and traditional values

With the growing focus of brands on building meaningful connections with consumers and the rise of discussions around grabbing eyeballs to gain mental availability, brands are exploring unconventional approaches to stand out in the market.

To find the convergence point between trends and the right audience, brands must navigate emerging digital trends and adapt their content to resonate with the preferences and aspirations of the Saudi demographic.

User-generated content and interactive campaigns have proven to be effective tools that help brands in this fast-paced environment foster a sense of community. Leveraging data analytics and market insights is equally crucial, allowing brands to refine their strategies based on real-time feedback and evolving consumer preferences.

Targeting the entire marketing funnel

At the upper funnel, where awareness is key, aligning with popular cultural trends can significantly enhance a brand’s visibility. Social media campaigns, influencer partnerships, and interactive content that resonate with the Saudi youth will create buzz and increase brand recognition and familiarity among the target audience.

The middle funnel is where consideration and evaluation come into play, the cultural sensitivity and technological adaptability of brands play a vital role. Understanding the Saudi consumer’s values and preferences allows brands to craft narratives that not only attract attention but also establish a connection based on shared values.

Personalised content, virtual experiences, and engaging storytelling are powerful tools that can guide consumers from mere recognition to a deeper consideration of the brand.

The lower funnel is where conversion and retention become focal points, and the impact of trends becomes even more pronounced. A relatable and authentic image, cultivated through consistent alignment with cultural shifts, fosters a sense of trust. This trust is a crucial factor in converting interested prospects into loyal customers.

Keep up with local trends

For your brand to keep up with trends, it is important to evolve as your market evolves. The adoption of these trends in Saudi Arabia reflects a fusion of global influences and traditional values, showcasing the evolving nature of consumer engagement in the Kingdom, yet multiple aspects need to be taken into consideration, such as cultural sensitivity in content.

Balancing global content trends with cultural sensitivities is crucial. Content creators must be in agreement to local norms and values to ensure that their digital offerings resonate with the diverse Saudi audience.

Language, as a powerful medium, becomes the bridge that connects content with cultural nuances. Crafting messages in Arabic, the language of expression for the majority, ensures that the content is not only understood but resonates on a deeper emotional level.

Though trends are still on the rise, it is a niche space where competition is heating up. To stand out, businesses need to innovate in content creation, delivery, and user experience, offering unique value propositions that capture the attention of a digitally engaged audience.

In essence, the future of digital engagement in Saudi Arabia lies in the delicate dance between global trends and local values, where brands authentically integrate into the cultural frame while embracing the ever-changing dynamics of the digital landscape.

By Mohamad Mardini, Senior Digital Media Manager at LeadGen