A small step for man, a giant leap for a perfectly executed PR launch – by OPPO’s Lucy Aziz

Oppo GCC's senior PR & communication manager, Lucy Aziz writes about carrying out a successful launch event

By Lucy Aziz, senior PR & communication manager, OPPO GCC.

Sometimes finding a synergetic connection between all elements of an event is almost impossible, fighting to draw parallels that bring to life the brand, its proposition and its partners. 

Other times it falls into your lap as a perfect coincidence that makes for a breathtaking event, elevating your brand’s positioning. When scouting for a venue for OPPO’s latest launch, the Find X5 Series, the criteria was expansive to mirror the smartphone itself. 

Luxurious but futuristic. Premium but advanced.

As we scoured location after location, we came up empty-handed as the launch date loomed over us. Then, the name ‘Infinity Des Lumières’ was thrown into the mix. The brainchild of INFINITYART and French company Culturespaces Digital, the space opened in 2021 as a renowned provider of immersive digital experiences with masterpieces of some of the most famous artists in history.

A quick look at the Infinity Des Lumières website and we realised we had found ‘the’ venue. Unveiled just a month before our launch was their new cutting-edge digital immersive exhibition – the futuristic DUBAI DATA, to complement its future-oriented masterpiece – DESTINATION COSMOS.

The two mind-blowing and mind-bending exhibitions are an absolute must-experience for art and technology lovers alike. Scientists, space enthusiasts, futurists, gamers, techies, artists, and performers. Anyone who is curious and inquisitive. Everyone who wants to immerse themselves in the world of the future.

Why would an exhibition about the vastness of the universe resonate with OPPO for this new launch I hear you ask? 

Well, the collaboration allowed us to pay homage to our strategic partner, Hasselblad and their most iconic moment, being the camera used to document the historical first steps of man on the Moon.

OPPO and Hasselblad’s three-year partnership is paramount to current and future Find X Series launches focused on developing more advanced imaging solutions and software improvements aimed at providing users with a refined imaging experience.

At first, the initial concerns plagued us as any PR team would consider: But it’s in the Dubai Mall. Will stakeholders enter with the mall being in peak hours? Would they make the trek from the parking to the venue easily? How do we sufficiently convey the key messages on our launch without losing our audience to the expansive 3,300sqm space?

How did we tackle the concerns? Firstly, we ensured guests had seamless access to valet, all prepaid and directions shared beforehand so the walk from the entrance to the venue was under 60 seconds, also helping minimise schlepping through crowds. 

On the night, we had initially planned for the entrance to be a welcome area of sorts but as anticipated with events in the region people were entering at varied timings and it was quickly surmised that we’d risk leaving those who arrived early bored and uninterested. Instead, we invited them into the main hall to enjoy the activations. 

The activations were spread throughout the space, including a mirror selfie room, a dark room so they could test the Find X5 Series night photography skills, a number of product demo stations as well as ample seating areas to chat and mingle whilst awaiting the keynote speech and official regional unveiling. 

People who arrived ahead of the keynote speech, could enjoy these so they could swiftly head off post unveiling, if they chose, knowing they have experienced everything. 

With all these measures in place, as expected, the launch was a success and cemented the Find X5 Series as yet another jewel in the crown of OPPO’s innovation and creativity, elevating the series to a whole new level of beauty, redrawing the boundaries of the mobile experience across design, imaging, technology and performance. 

With the support of , our vision of futuristic luxury was bough to fruition for media, influencers and business stakeholders to behold.