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A catalyst for sustained success – by Al Masaood Automobiles’ Stephan Davies

Al Masaood Automobiles’ Stephan Davies explains how his company has put a customer experience framework in place

tephan Davies general manager customer experience and network development Al Masaood Automobiles

By Stephan Davies, general manager, customer experience and network development, Al Masaood Automobiles

Customer experience is a key factor for businesses to stand out in a competitive market. The complete customer experience, from brand engagement to post-purchase satisfaction, is the most vital element for long-term business success. According to Forrester Research, global executives have put customer experience (CX) at the top of their priority list, with consumer interaction at the lead.

Global brands have adopted curated and innovative customer experience strategies, integrating them as a part of their mission, goals, and values. At Al Masaood Automobiles, we consider CX as an important pillar to achieve prolonged success. Our commitment to serve all needs of our customers is reflected through our efforts to study, understand and meet the changing customer expectations, norms, behaviour, and values.

Customer 4C's

“Our purpose is to connect employees and customers on our journey into the future
of mobility.”

Our CX-related initiatives to serve our customers have facilitated a seamless experience through our products and services. Our mission lies in better understanding the decisions made by customers, and hence we leverage our data to get closer to them to understand their behaviour, intent, sentiment, and buying and usage patterns. Through our data and research, we have found that customers are looking for four main factors: convenience, courtesy, consistency, and credibility. Accordingly, we incorporated these findings to arrive at the four main pillars that make up our CX strategy ‘CLAS’: commit, listen, analyse, and solidify. 

Commit: From the top of the organisation and all the way down, we ensure everyone is committed to a shared CX vision, which is to continually optimise customer journeys by understanding their needs and expectations.

Listen: To do so, we carefully observe our customers and listen to their feedback by using all the channels that we have available to capture the voice of the customer as well as the voice of our employees who are in direct contact with customers on a daily basis. We capture how they feel and understand how they form long-term impressions, perceptions and memories in order for them to make decisions.

Analyse: We also carefully measure and analyse the factors that matter to boost the customer experience as well as business operations, and then and we mobilise and adopt the tools that helps us ensure the experience that we offer is effective, easy and emotional.

Solidify: We bring it all together, embed and solidify a structure and culture of continuous CX improvement and customer-centricity. We must ensure that we have a mix of the right ingredients that gets us closer to our customer and helps us build strong relationships functionally and emotionally.

But to successfully implement all this, we understand that our employees are the backbone and souls of our business, so it is essential that they know what is expected from them to better understand our customers and then deliver experiences that genuinely matter to them.

Ultimately, a good CX strategy should yield a positive return to the business, and this could be in the form of better share of spend by the customer, better operational efficiencies, or what matters most to us – customer retention and increased advocacy.

At Al Masaood Automobiles, our purpose is to connect employees and customers on our journey into the future of mobility. With the ever-evolving industry landscape, and as customers always want things to be done faster, smarter, and in a more agile manner, it is a necessity to always look out for and implement ways that will not only get us closer to customers but will also allow us to answer directly to their needs and offer them an enjoyable, memorable, and long-term experience.