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Socialize partners with Tiktok as Branded Effects Partner

TikTok Branded Effects Partner Socialize

Social media agency, Socialize, part of the We Are Social network, has partnered with TikTok as its Branded Effects Partner to supply brands that engage with communities on the platform with a creative approach.

As a TikTok Branded Effects Partner, Socialize will participate in the production and ideation of augmented reality effects from face masks to gamified experiences. According to Socialize, this will enable it to help its clients innovate in this space, by blending creativity and technology to deliver memorable experiences, so that brands can ensure their messages are reaching audiences using custom-built effects.

The visual effects will be paired with the agency’s in-house sounds creation studio, Socialize Sounds.

Sooraj TR, head of creative technology at Socialize says of the partnership, “We are so proud to be one of only a few organisations who are now able to provide this service. Not only does this mean we can create memorable work for TikTok brands but we can also offer our own clients the experience and know-how when it comes to approaching their own campaigns on this platform and others.”

As an official global branded effects partner, Socialize will aim to create augmented reality filters that help complement the platform’s famous challenges, and trending hashtags, enriching the brand footprint among audiences and content creators.