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4SiGHT and Anavizio join forces to leverage potential of social media for market research

Integration of market research and social media intelligence capabilities offers clients holistic audience insights


4SiGHT Group, a marketing insights company, has teamed up with Dubai-based analytics and technology consultancy Anavizio to collaborate on tapping the potential of social media intelligence as a key consumer insight and market research tool.

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The partnership, as part of which 4SiGHT Group will acquire an equity stake in Anavizio, will see the integration of the two companies’ capabilities, services and teams to leverage the potential of social media research and develop new approaches to answering clients’ key business questions.

The world is becoming increasingly digital and the marketing insights is no exception,” explained Anand Nigam, managing partner at 4SiGHT Group. “With Anavizio working alongside and integrated with our 4SiGHT Group businesses we will see a lot of synergies while providing our customers with comprehensive, end-to-end research, data and analytics solutions.”

The collaboration will span across 4SiGHT Group’s network of offices in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Eastern Europe, with both firms foreseeing tremendous opportunity and demand for the combined services.

Dr Adil Ali Al-Najaei

4SiGHT Group founding partner Dr Adil Ali Al-Najaei said: “Social media is a rich source of audience intelligence and we’re going to be seeing more and more companies using social media for consumer and market Insights to identify consumer, market or social trends. Our partnership with Anavizio allows us to not only meet but also shape this demand by developing and exploring innovative new products that combine market and social media research.”

The two firms will focus on bridging market research techniques and methodologies with the convenience and flexibility of social media to provide fresh views around brand health, corporate reputation and image, campaign effectiveness, customer experience, market understanding and more.

A key aspect of the collaboration will be leveraging and aligning social media’s core advantages – cost-effectiveness and real-time, year-round customer feedback – with traditional market research services. Combined with Anavizio’s veteran team of multilingual analysts to provide qualitative interpretation of social media data, including native speakers of various Arabic dialects along with other key languages, this allows for the offering of complimentary, more holistic analysis that adds real value for clients.

Fares Ghneim

The amount of information about consumer likes, perceptions, preferences and recommendation that is floating out there in the social media sphere is unbelievably vast. Social media listening and monitoring has been around for a while, but from the get-go Anavizio’s aim has been to tap into this treasure trove of data to uncover real insights that result in better business decisions. In teaming up with the 4SiGHT Group we have an amazing opportunity to take this research to a new level by aligning our work with that of market research to offer clients innovative new views of their products, brands and services,” said Fares Ghneim, partner at Anavizio.