FP7 bags Harvey Nichols brief

FP7 has won Harvey Nichols’ advertising account following a multi-agency competitive pitch.

The win means long-term incumbent Y&R Dubai has lost the account just two weeks after winning three golds for the upmarket department store at Cannes.

Tarek Miknas, FP7’s CEO for the MENA region, said the win “was a testament to the level of talent we have and the level of passion we put towards our work”.

Sasan Saeidi, managing director of FP7/DXB, said: “Who doesn’t love Harvey Nichols? We are delighted to be chosen as the communication partners for this great brand. We are committed in making sure we carry forward and further strengthen the Harvey Nichols Dubai brand; through superior and effective communication solutions, and we have the right team to do this.”

The store is run by the Al Tayer Group, which is the exclusive licensee of Harvey Nichols in the UAE. The store opened in 2006 in the Mall of the Emirates and is the largest Harvey Nichols store outside the UK. A Saudi store was opened in 2000, with Kuwait following in 2012.



  • Ridiculous, disgraceful decision. World class advertising from Shahir and his team, year after year. They deserve better than this and have every right to be absolutely livid.

  • Laughing at the comment above. Creativity is one part of the puzzle. Solving a client’s problems is the other part. I’ve always admired Shahir and his team at Y&R. Their creativity is some of the best in the region. No one can take that away from them. However, creativity needs to solve problems. Please explain to me how a rhino and an elephant colliding into each other solves HN’s problem in regards to getting more customers in their store?

  • There’s a reason brands go on pitch. And obviously there must be many reasons why they would shift from a great, award-winning agency like Y&R. Credit where credit is due, and credit to Fortune Promoseven. The marketing team at Harvey’s is not irrational and they obviously felt a level of solidarity and comfort with FP7 that they didn’t with Y&R. Well-done to Y&R for the awards won for Harvey’s. And I’m sure they will win more for their other brands.

    This also brings to light the question about how much advertising awards matter to clients. Obviously, business results trump ad awards. Another case! Time for agencies to start being more effective than pandering for awards for their egos.

  • Doesn’t take much to get a giggle out of you, does it ranter? I don’t disagree with the sentiment of what you’re saying. I haven’t got a clue whether Y&R’s work had any tangible benefit for HN, and I’m guessing neither do you. What I am certain of is that Y&R invested a lot of time and love into that account. It makes sense for a client to move their account to the agency they believe will benefit them the best. But this account hasn’t gone to W+K or BBH; it’s gone to FP7. Go figure.

  • Go figure.
    The previous client was happy with pelicans.
    The latest client’s not happy with sales figures.

  • I get the point, makes me sick see advertising professionals getting lost in translation. Y&R had the account for years and they were doing great work on this account day in day out. totally dedicated and the client was always happy. in fact could not be happier. you must be a fool to think that Y&R has been doing only the SALE ads!!!!! as FP7 like to portray it!!!! come on! you must be kidding me, we all know what comes with every brand and client here, all the below, above and on-line work. the good, bad and the ugly.
    who has been holding anyone to outperform like Y&R did on their brand? did any one do it? did anyone win lion after lion on any brand they have as much Y&R Dubai did on Harvey Nichols? Did any one see those ads been wining lions from LEO Beirut, Ogilvy Dubai, TBWA Dubai!!! as much as we have see all these Harvey Nichols ads and outdoor for weeks and months out there. in simple words shut up. be fair and pay Y&R its dues. respect. great work. wish it was mine.
    the real issue in this region is that if someone is doing anything good or even trying, we feel bad about it, we have to bring them down with the rest of us!!

  • yeah almost forgot, one more thing! we all wonder did FP7 do it again and burnt the prices to win the account, there is no one better than FP7 to burn prices to win. well earned as usual.

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