Zee Alwan unveils a star-studded line-up in Ramadan

Zee Alwan unveils a star-studded line-up of six (6) original hours of Arabic Series in Ramadan

This Ramadan is unlike any other for Zee Alwan and its viewers. With six (6) original hours of Arabic content, Zee Alwan is set to start Ramadan in full force, showcasing a unique bouquet of handpicked content of diverse genres & originating from GCC, Egypt, Syria & Lebanon and featuring  an unprecedented large number of renowned Arab stars on its screen in one season.

Each series alone gathers a group of elite stars who appeal to every viewer. The programming line-up includes various genres, from comedy to light drama, social drama, action series and more.

Here’s a sneak peak into the must-watch series this Ramadan:

Egyptian Action Romantic Series ‘Malaf Serri’, starring the eminent actor Hani Salama with a big group of famous stars like Maged El Masry, Aisha Ben Ahmed, Merhan Hussein, Edward and others. Taking place in 2013, the series highlights one of the major issues of money laundry and illegal trade in Egypt during the era before the revolution and how one of Egypt’s honourable judges addressed it and dedicated himself to exposing this network and bringing them to justice.



Egyptian light drama ‘Rageen Ya Hawa’ is starring the international actor Khaled Al Nabawy, who was last seen in his guest appearance on Netflix original ‘Finding Ola’. Khaled is back to Ramadan alongside a large number of stars, like Nour, Hana Shiha, Anoushka, Wafaa Amer, Ahmed Bedeir & many more. Written by the Dean of Arab drama, author Osama Anwar Okasha, ‘Rageen Ya Hawa’ is one of the most awaited dramas in Ramadan this year. The series revolves around “Baligh” who returns to Egypt from Europe after debt piles up. His return reveals a lot of hatred and jealousy among his family members, so he finds himself trying to reunite the family and igniting their love for each other, again.


The only Pan Arab series on TV in Ramadan, ‘Thil’ starring Elite Arab stars AbdelMenem Amayri, Jamal Soliman, Youssef Al Khal, Jessi Abdo, Kinda Hanna and more. This series is about Mr. Jalal, who is perfectly described as a shadow whose features are vague but capable of controlling everybody’s moves. Jalal, is an attractive 40-year-old man with a charming personality, who owns a large law firm that defends law, but not justice!





Syrian Modern Social Drama “Ma’ Waqf Al Tanfeez”, featuring a group of A-list Syrian stars Abbas Al Nouri, Ghassan Massoud, Sulaf Fawakhirji, Safaa Sultan, Shukran Murtaja, Sabah Al Jazaeri and many more; Filled with suspense, the story addresses the lives of several individuals from different social classes after their return to Haret al-Attarin years after their departure, that was caused by war.





Khaleeji Dramedy (Drama Comedy) ‘Kayd El Hareem’ that has an added Egyptian twist, featuring a group of top famous Khaleeji stars, Hanadi Al Kandari, Jassem Al Nabhan, Abdullah Al Talihi, Abdel Imam Abdullah, Mohammed Al Haddad, Rawan Al Ali alongside Egyptian Star Rogena, who returns to a comedy role after a few years of drama focus. In a comic setting, Rogena plays the role of a widowed woman who marries a man in his sixties after the death of her husband. Her new marriage turns her into a step-mother to two daughters and a married son, who keep setting plots to win over her, but to their luck, they always fail.



Last but not least, Ramadan line-up can only be complete with pure comedy of ‘Maktoob Alaya’ starring famous comedy actor & singer Akram Hosni, together with Amr Abdel Gelil, Ayten Amer and a group of popular guest stars, such as Bayoumi Fouad. Akram Hosni plays the role of Galal, a crushed young man who has his life changed after meeting an old man, who wipes his hand over Galal’s arm with an enchanted substance. Ever since this incident, Galal wakes up to a strange surprise of words written on his arm which turn out to be the events that will happen to him throughout his day, until one day he wakes up to find words about him dying.

With an addition of Khaleeji genre and  6 hours of back-to-back star-studded Arabic line-up, Zee Alwan is surely adding more colors this Ramadan.