Your gateway to audiences this Ramadan

In the midst of Ramadan’s return, understanding how best to communicate during the holy month is crucial for brands in the MENA region. In a period saturated with offers, events and launches – resonating with authenticity is pivotal to ensure real impact.

The best way to achieve this is through a strategic approach that embraces the significance of community connections, carefully timed moments and creative engagements. It’s vital that the focus isn’t just to participate, but to stand out in the vibrant tapestry of the GCC celebrations.

Think community first

The most important thing to get right during Ramadan is to understand the audience. At  the heart of GCC lies the significance of close connections, and during Ramadan specifically, people gather with family and friends more than any other time of the year. Therefore, it is crucial to be using channels that enhance these connections to encourage authentic brand engagements.

In the UAE, Snapchat is seen as the favorite app for sharing memorable moments as it provides a space for users to nurture their closest relationships. Interestingly, these close connections go beyond traditional means, as shoppers in KSA and UAE consider friends and family to be the single most influential source when it comes to making purchase decisions –  rated as 8x more influential than celebrities and influencers.

This highlights the importance of creating Ramadan campaigns that are tailored towards community connections, while also providing shareable moments.

Mastering Milestone moments

Timelines hold utmost importance during Ramadan and it is paramount for brands to synchronize their everyday moments, product launches and tentpole occasions with the movements of the region. From preparing to break fasts to shopping for Eid Al Fitr, reaching your audience at the right time is key for a successful roll-out.

Over the years, we’ve seen consumers turn to online platforms more during Ramadan. Typically, we know that offers and product launches work well when connected to the breaking of fast, with content ranging from Iftar-themed recipes to comedy skits about the struggles of waking up. There are many opportunities to create engaging content that seamlessly immerse brands into Ramadan, no matter the industry.

This year, the Snap AR Ramadan Mall has been updated to further tap into these moments, with the introduction of a second design for Eid Al Fitr, set to go live directly after the 30-day fast. By orchestrating moments in line with these cherished occasions, brands can be strategically positioned as an integral part.

Elevating Experiences with AR

As a period of heightened consumer activity, investing in technologies that bridge the gap between online and in-store experiences is vital. Consumers, particularly during Ramadan, exhibit a preference for convenience, making creative experiences compelling solutions to address the nuanced shopping behaviors during the festive period.

During Ramadan, we’ve seen Snapchat’s AR lenses and filters become tools that integrate brands into memorable parts of the Holy month. Using these features drives lifts in ad awareness, action intent, and brand awareness, making AR an indispensable element for brands seeking impact. A multi-product approach, combining different ad formats and amplifying the brand narrative that resonates with GCC audiences.

By Jake Thomas, Head of UAE Market at Snap Inc. in MENA