Winners‘ Circle: Prodigious on winning Production House of the Year

Prodigious Middle East
Sami Saleh, CEO of Prodigious ME
Tell us why you think you won the award?

We strongly believe in the power of ideas and care, most importantly about the craft of our projects irrespective of the production scale. Our team of producers, post-producers and artists never left any stone unturned and always challenged the asks.

They are all winners. In addition, it is crucial to mention that the support and trust we received all along from our clients and partners was and will always be unparalleled and definitely a great contributor to this win.

How will the award help you/your agency?

This award will continue to remind us of the reason why we are here and being part of the industry. It is our drive for the upcoming chapter to help us grow our business and allow us to expand our horizons to target higher achievements.

By constantly raising the bar it will also and foremost boost our team’s morale as it celebrates this success. It will make our talents feel valued and aware of the good work they’re all doing.

What makes these awards unique?

In the restless, fast-moving and ever-evolving digital world we live in, these awards allow each participant to evaluate their work, their creativity and their level of innovation.

These awards embody the key trends which set apart the most effective players in the industry in a time where creativity and effectiveness are ever more important.

How are clients’ demands changing?

Clients are now more aware of the latest digital innovations and trends, whereas their expectations are geared towards more engaging and relevant content that is true to the social media platforms.

It is now more than ever important for us to listen to clients’ expectations when it comes to agility, speed to market and efficiency.

How important is your team to you?

As mentioned earlier this win is a key achievement for the team proving their success and passion. Without the dedicated team and talent around us, we wouldn’t have achieved half of what we’ve done so far.

In 7 years, we moved mountains and built bridges. Together we managed to face all the challenges that were put on our path and yet win well-deserved awards and show the world we’re standing tall, facing the ever-changing environment we live in.

What are you looking forward to the most in 2024?

We are keen to continue driving our successful journey while constantly leveraging the newest innovations in production and post-production.