Talabat reveals 2023‘s most popular products and categories

Talabat reveals its 2023's biggest grocery orders, most popular products and categories

The evolution of online grocery shopping has meant no more hunting for parking spots, navigating crowded aisles, or waiting in line at the checkout.

Instead people order from their sofa, kitchen or from behind their desk, and talabat has released the latest data from talabat Mart showing online grocery shopping trends across the region.

Throning the titan: biggest order of 2023

What’s better than a grocery spree? A record-breaking one! In the UAE, the biggest order of 2023 was placed on Wednesday August 2nd. With 438 items placed in a single order, this was not just a grocery run, but an entry into the talabat Mart Hall of Fame.

Loyal Legion: Most orders by a single customer

Loyal shoppers are always cherished. In the UAE, one customer placed a whopping 595 individual orders in 2023.

From aisle to cart: The most loved brands

Consumer preferences are ever-evolving and they are as diverse as they come. In the UAE, Mai Dubai, Al Ain and Almarai emerged as the champions.

Popular Preferences: The most wanted categories

No matter what time of day, no matter what’s on the menu, fruits and vegetables emerged as the indisputable favourites, with over 12M units sold. This trend reflects a growing preference for healthier choices among individuals.

Rush Hour Revelry: The peak order time

Orders pour in around the clock, but talabat Mart’s peak hour is at 7pm.

Super lightning-Fast Shopping: The picking time

How fast are talabat Mart pickers? The platform averages a picking time of under 2 minutes for the UAE.