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Why Out of Home is the natural home for great creativity

Havas creative director Serena Abi Aad speaks at WOO MENA Forum

Award-winning Havas Middle East creative director, writer and film director Serena Abi Aad will lead a discussion on creativity’s key role in driving Out of Home success at the World Out of Home Organization MENA Forum in Dubai from February 15-17.

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Havas won a stream of international creative awards for its Adidas ‘liquid billboard’ on the beach at Dubai that invited Arab women to dive “beyond the surface, part of its ‘I’m Possible’ campaign.

Data is playing a growing role in creative development in all media and she will be joined in Dubai by BackLite Media chief operating officer James Harrison who will outline the context for creativity in OOH and the data-rich world it has to navigate. BackLite is the biggest OOH media owner in Dubai.

The pair will look at:

A creative’s viewpoint on harnessing creativity in an evolving OOH medium
What new options does OOH offer a creative?
What are OOH’s strengths compared to other media
Does OOH pose any particular creative challenges compared to other media?
The growing importance of data in creative development
How to harness ever-mushrooming technological wizardry for game-changing creativity

WOO chief marketing officer Richard Saturley says: “We’re very fortunate to have secured an outstanding all-round creative partitioner and executive in Serena Abi Aad to speak at the MENA Forum. She is a world class talent and there is no-one better to explore the role and possibilities of OOH in MENA and the wider media world.

“James Harrison is a business driver who completely understands the vital role that creativity needs to play in the development and growth of OOH and also the questions it needs to answer in a data-conscious world. I’m certain the two of them will deliver a session that is not just informative but truly inspiring.”

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