Volkswagen partners with Anghami to promote Auto Car Mode feature to ensure safer driving

Volkswagen sponsors Anghami’s Auto Car Mode as the mobility partner.

Volkswagen Middle East partners with Anghami, a music streaming platform in the Arab world, to promote safe driving through Anghami’s Auto Car Mode, a unique User Interface (UI).

According to research by Anghami, over 60 million songs are listened to by people while driving each month. To ensure drivers remain safe on the road while using the music platform, Anghami’s Auto Car Mode UI makes buttons bigger and clearer resulting in fewer distractions for people while driving. Volkswagen will be the exclusive mobility partner and sponsor for the Auto Car Mode.

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The collaboration between the two brands comes after the successful campaign by Volkswagen in 2021, where the brands created a calming playlist to promote safer driving.

Commenting on the new feature, Elie Habib, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Anghami said, “’Driving is a daily routine for many of us, and our users, and to ensure our audience remains safe while driving, we have launched the Auto Car Mode feature, which Volkswagen has partnered with. The feature makes a few changes to the interface bringing larger buttons that are easier to tap on while drivers are busy looking at the road.”

“Safety is and will always be a top priority for Volkswagen. As an automotive brand, it is our responsibility to make drivers aware of the importance of safe driving by helping them adopt safer habits. We are pleased to partner with Anghami’s Auto Car Mode feature as we strive to achieve safer roads in the Middle East,” added Anja Petrovski, Marketing & PR Director of Volkswagen Middle East.

The Auto Car Mode is a year-long partnership between Anghami and Volkswagen. As part of the partnership, Volkswagen will have ‘Brought to you by’ advertisements on the Anghami platform, encouraging users to apply the setting and will curate multiple playlists for calm driving throughout the year.