Volkswagen launches Brand Attributes Campaign

The Campaign will aim to enhance customer affinity for Volkswagen even further

Volkswagen Brand Attributes

Volkswagen has launched its Brand Attributes Campaign, which will use Google testing to test if biases still exist and to see which assets resonate best with a certain audience.

The campaign will focus on gaining valuable audience insights and enhancing the brand’s overall marketing strategy. The campaign will aim to highlight how models in Volkswagen’s lineup exemplify each attribute of technological features, comfort, design and safety through strategically placed content.

“As a brand that started as the ‘People’s car’, Volkswagen has always focused on people first as a key brand value. Volkswagen recognizes that customers build a close affinity with brands that truly speak to their needs through content that resonates with them,” said Volkswagen in a statement.

Recent research has shown that many regional customers associate Volkswagen with design and technology, with the latest models being launched with state-of-the-art infotainment systems and exceptional driver assistance technology.

Anja Petrovski, marketing director of Volkswagen Middle East, commented, “Volkswagen is a people’s brand, and it is important to us that we highlight the brand attributes to our regional customers through the right content that appeals to their needs. We are pleased to partner with Google to undergo testing that will support us with doing this.”

The Brand Attributes Campaign will increase awareness about each attribute while increasing customer consideration and driving sales leads further.

To engage customers further with the content created for the Brand Attributes Campaign, Volkswagen will curate a playlist with Anghami showcasing music featured throughout the Campaign. Customers can look out for updates on the playlist through Volkswagen Middle East social media pages.