Vatika Voices empowers 1000 arab women to launch successful businesses

Vatika’s recent campaign with Entreprenelle encourages a thousand Arab women to find their voices and live their natural best through skill enablement courses.

Vatika Voices, a campaign designed by haircare brand Vatika along with Entreprenelle, a social development and business impact organization, in December 2021 to empower women across GCC and the MENA region, announced their results coinciding with Women’s month this March.

As part of the campaign, Vatika Voices had requested women across the GCC and MENA region to submit entries explaining why they should be a part of the program and how it would help them pursue their future goals and dreams. Vatika received over 4000 entries, out of which they shortlisted 1000 women with the most inspiring and impactful stories.

The shortlisted women took a 4-day boot camp in their fields of choice covering different disciplines. These included business modelling, idea validation, business marketing, sales techniques and planning, business development strategies, financial planning, and pitching.  The online courses ran for over 25 hours through Entreprenelle covering numerous business areas, and providing women with the required tools under each business. The courses provided in-depth knowledge across Fashion, F&B, Marketing, Tech, Sports, Makeup and ten others, further enabling female entrepreneurs to hone and develop their skills.

The massive response and positive feedback received from the shortlisted candidates further demonstrates the experience this campaign has created for women across the region to feel confident and ready to live their dreams.

Nada Yasser, brand manager at Dabur International Ltd. said, “There was a great amount of teamwork involved behind the scenes between us and Entreprenelle, but it was definitely all worth it. Vatika stands for encouraging you to ‘live your natural best’. This does not only apply to external beauty in terms of our products, but we also genuinely believe that it is important to provide a platform to women whose voices need to be heard. All the women who shared their entries with us had some powerful stories to share. It’s an absolute honor for me to be involved in a campaign of this nature wherein we are able to provide a platform to thousand resilient, independent women, to use these tools and turn their dreams into reality.”

As we march closer to breaking the bias and where the conversation around gender equality is gaining momentum, this is a very positive and promising campaign that continues to encourage women to pursue their dreams. The campaign’s success has motivated Vatika to continue such initiatives as a long-term offering for women across MENA and GCC regions.

“Giving women the support they require in order to establish their careers is long overdue. Unfortunately, even today, not enough people recognize how gender gaps impact a business. At Dabur however, we have first-hand witnessed the success that comes from a gender-diverse work environment, and we intend to keep it that way. Nonetheless, slowly but surely things are changing, and I’m extremely grateful to have been a part of this event in collaboration with Entreprenelle,” Nishant MSN, Marketing Head at Dabur International Ltd concluded.