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Twitter launches Twitter Circle 

Twitter Circle

Twitter has launched Twitter Circle, a new way to share Tweets with a smaller group for everyone on the platform. With Twitter Circle, people will now have the flexibility to choose who can see and engage with their content on a Tweet-by-Tweet basis. This means that they can have more intimate conversations and build closer connections with a smaller crowd.

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The beta version was tested in a small feedback group in May, allowing users to create personalised tools that empower people to tailor how, when and with whom they engage with. This feature will be available on iOS, Android, and Twitter.com globally.

Selecting your Circle 

Before posting a Tweet, people will see the option to share it with their circle or full followers list. Up to 150 people can be added to a Circle, and this list can be adjusted at any time with no one notified of any changes made.

Tweets sent to one’s circle will appear with a green badge underneath them. These Tweets can only be seen by those selected in one’s circle and cannot be Retweeted or shared. Additionally, all replies to circle Tweets are private, even if the user’s account is public. More info on creating a Twitter Circle is available here. 

Personalising your Twitter experience 

“We wants to ensure everyone on Twitter has the choice, control, tools, and transparency to join the conversation with one another how and when they want; Twitter Circle is another step in that direction,” said Twitter in a statement. “Giving people the option to share thoughts with a select group of followers helps make Tweeting more accessible. This is true for brands that are new to Twitter or users that have millions of followers.” 

Twitter also mentioned how people have been sharing how it’s helped them personalise their Twitter experience, including:
  • Feeling more comfortable Tweeting and expressing themselves
  • Eliminating the need for alternate or secondary accounts
  • Sharing content with a close and evolving group of friends
  • Avoiding toggling between protected and public account setting
Some results from the Twitter Circle test include:
  • Increased overall Tweeting (both within and outside of circles)
  • Increased Tweet engagement rate on circle Tweets (likes and replies)

This follows shortly after Twitter announced a partnership with Bein Sports to release FIFA world cup content on its platform last month.