Following his speech at the Dubai Lynx, Twitter’s global brand strategy head Alex Josephson tells Austyn Allison why some tweets resonate for longer

What do #MeToo, Colin Kaepernick and Mayochup have in common? At the Dubai Lynx, Alex Josephson, head of global brand strategy at Twitter, answered this question, in a presentation called The Speed of Culture: HumanCentric Ideas Worth Talking About.
One of the key points he looked at is what changes a ‘moment’ on Twitter into a ‘movement’. Which will help answer that question above: All three of those phenomena became movements on the social platform.
Josephson, who spoke to Campaign from New York last week, explains that The Speed of Culture will look at
the formula for breaking news – of any sort – on Twitter. Some stories peak in terms of conversation and
reach in the 48-7

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