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Travel booking app launches global ad campaign for travellers

Hotels.com has launched a global ad campaign titled “Introductions,” with films showcasing properties that meet needs of different travellers and hotels.

In the first film to debut for the campaign, ‘The Artist’, a dad tries to connect with his teenage daughter, who is more interested in sketching in her notebook whilst listening to music on her headphones.

The dad finds and books a stay at the artsy Hotel Palau Fugit in Spain on the platform’s app which they both will love. The experience allows both of them to connect with each other.

Similarly, three other campaign films will launch throughout January and show contrasts between a present-day scenario and how the hotel provides various travel solutions.

For example, pet owners find pet-friendly hotels for their pets or a pregnant woman who discovers a beachside hotel with  ocean views where she can get away from the hustle of the city and unwind.

Recent Hotels.com campaigns including one starring NBA players have encouraged travellers to use the travel agency’s mobile app. The new campaign ‘Introductions’ continues Hotels.com’s app push.