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TikTok For Business launches SMB Academy in MENAT

TikTok For Business Launches first-of-its-kind SMB Academy in MENAT, empowering businesses to unlock their potential and expedite growth.

TikTok For Business is inviting SMBs to explore new, unique ways to engage and grow with the TikTok community with the launch of TikTok SMB Academy. This is a first-of-its-kind virtual educational platform in the MENAT region that has been created specifically with SMBs and boutique agencies in mind, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to be creative storytellers and carve out impactful content on TikTok. The first module available to SMBs unlocks the power behind TikTok For Business’ Self-Serve Ads platform, allowing businesses to effectively tap into the TikTok community and take their campaigns to new heights.

“We’re excited to extend our capabilities for the thriving SMB MENAT community, who are the backbone of our economy,  and empower them to not only express themselves creatively but also to meaningfully engage their audience like never before,” said Shant Oknayan, general manager of Global Business Solutions MENAT. “The new TikTok SMB Academy digital platform gives SMBs access to exclusive insights  in order to successfully create, measure and optimize their ad campaigns on the TikTok platform. Professionals can complete the modules from anywhere, at any time and become a certified TikTok SMB pro!” 

The TikTok SMB Academy’s Self-Serve Ads module is a four-part video educational series that looks to demystify the app for a lot of business owners who haven’t explored the platform before. It is an intuitive and entertaining learning module designed to be followed on the desktop screen whilst professionals use TikTok on their phone, side by side, thus playing into the norm of double screening in a positive way.

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The first session of the Self-Serve Ads module is an introductory course on how to use TikTok and get SMBs familiar with the app. The agenda then takes the professionals on a journey –  from signing up to the Self-Serve ads platform to optimizing content and performance to creating their first campaign. At the end of each module, users will complete a short quiz to showcase everything they have learnt from the session.

The end result? All participants who complete the course walk away with their very own SMB TikTok Pro digital badge to show off as well as have the knowledge and tools in place to master the Self-Serve Ads Platform.

TikTok For Business will continue empowering the SMB community and will be adding further educational modules to its TikTok SMB Academy throughout the year. Professionals looking to expand their know-how of the platform are encouraged to visit the dedicated website at tiktoksmbacademy.com and register to get exclusive access to the short video tutorials and unlock their business potential on the platform.