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Swedish meatballs have never been Swedish. until now.

In 2018, Sweden’s official account revealed a fact that took everyone by surprise: meatballs, their national dish, were not Swedish.


It has been two years now since Sweden’s Twitter official account confessed through a viral tweet that the recipe of their national dish was not theirs. It was King Charles XII who brought it from Western Asia back in the 18th century.

At that point, all eyes were on IKEA and a possible response to their country’s official account. But that didn’t happen.

Now, two years later, we have discovered the reason why IKEA did not respond to that tweet. They were waiting to have facts to reply with. And the response has not disappointed.

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The Swedish brand has created and launched its new plant-based meatballs that have the same taste and texture as their traditional ones… and are 100 per cent Swedish. How? Because the recipe has been developed in Sweden by a Swedish Chef, Alexander Magnusson.

Irrefutable facts to which Sweden’s Twitter official account has only been able to verify and celebrate together that their national dish is now plant-based and “again” … 100 per cent Swedish!!!


Credits IKEA plant-based meatballs:

AGENCY: MEMAC Ogilvy Dubai.

CCO: Juggi Ramakrishnan.

Creative Team: Nicolás López and Fernando Montero.

Client Team Leader: Hadi Ballout.

Account Manager: Alaa Nour.

Account Executive: Haya Dajani


GM Marketing, Communication & Interior Design: Carla Klumpenaar.

Regional Communication Manager: Amer Yaghi.

Regional Digital Marketing Specialist: Noha Gheith.

PR and Communications Specialist: Benita Chowdhury