The National appoints The MediaVantage for global media sales

The National appoints The MediaVantage as its exclusive global media sales representative, managing commercial opportunities as part of its recently announced international digital expansion.

The MediaVantage, a media sales representative based in the UAE and operating the largest portfolio of international media contracts in the region, has been appointed by The National, an English-language news outlet in the region. The appointment awards The MediaVantage as its exclusive media sales representative managing commercial opportunities as part of its recently announced international digital expansion, with editions now spanning the UAE, Gulf, MENA, UK, US and International. This agreement will offer The National’s market-leading content and advertising solutions to clients in the Middle East looking to communicate with its users in the US and UK. The agreement will enable advertisers to access millions of readers who have a keen, vested interest in the Middle East.

The National’s website, TheNationalNews.com, currently reaches over 9 million readers per month globally, including generating more than 54m video views, over 50m in social reach and 74,000 podcast listens monthly. The agreement enables The MediaVantage to provide advertisers with access to The National’s growing global audiences.

Safeya Jomaa, head of commercial at The National’s parent company International Media Investment said, “We believe The MediaVantage is the ideal partner for us to achieve our global commercial objectives, considering their existing market-leading presence and insight into international campaigns originating from this region. We’re excited to work with Manoj and his team to deliver effective, targeted campaigns for clients in MENA communicating in key markets.”

Manoj Khimji, Managing Director, The MediaVantage, added, “The National’s focus on providing quality journalism around the world makes this opportunity extremely interesting for us. We pride ourselves on our contracts with the very best media around the world and we’re delighted to add The National to our portfolio. The proposition is extremely strong, and the appetite from advertisers to showcase themselves as ‘being best in the region’ through media and content in The National has been very apparent.”

The National has been setting a new standard for quality journalism in the Middle East since its establishment in 2008 and following its relaunch under the ownership of International Media Investments in 2017. The National has developed a reputation for an in-depth understanding of the Middle East North Africa region, developing exclusive content and well-rounded analytical coverage of key global events.