The Gerety Awards to host Diamonds Are Forever BBQ Party

The Gerety Award returns to Cannes on Tuesday, June 21 to celebrate the shortlist winners at the famous Diamond BBQ party with hosts Tantor Films and event partners Owned by Women, De Falcon, MSQ Partners and The Gate.

The Diamonds are Forever BBQ Party is by invitation only. Past and present judges, 2022 entrants and friends of the Gerety Awards are invited to RSVP here.

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Tantor Films has for 20 years been a pioneer in unifying the talent, workforce, and diversity of the industry in Latin America, always providing efficient, top-level professionalism while also creating relationships based on equality and respect.

Executive director of Tantorfilms, Ingrid Bragemann is also one of the founders of Owned by Women, a global coalition of women-owned companies operating in the advertising production industry, supporting and promoting them and championing women in all aspects of commercial production. She added: “This year, more than ever, we want to be together. After these complicated years, we have gone through, with protocols, masks, limitations and never-ending bureaucracy, we realized we are a film, ideas and craft community that has pushed forward and succeeded. We are ready to keep backing us up, believing the future will always bring better things with more hope to live it together”.

Gerety Co-Founder Lucía Ongay says “Tantor Films are one of the most respected production Service/Companies in the world, and Ingrid with the team at Owned by Women were pioneers in creating space for women in the production environment, just like Gerety has opened a space to bring the female vision of advertising to the spotlight.  We are so thrilled to return to Cannes this year to celebrate the Gerety shortlist”

Before the shortlist celebration, watch this year’s jury insight panels live on YouTube, being held with creative leaders from Brazil, UK, USA, Mexico, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Philippines and Japan.

Like every year, the jury insight panels in partnership with leading ad press partners will bring together a few judges from each executive jury to discuss favourite works and trends from this year’s Gerety. The shortlist winners and trends reported by the panels are one of the most important benchmarks for the advertising industry. Gerety is the only creative prize that can show advertisers which campaigns resonate with the world’s most powerful consumers: in doing so, it sets a new benchmark for creative communications relevant to the market reality.

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