The Fun Asia Network launches free OTT platform BIG FAN TV

Fun Asia announces the launch of its first new division BIG FAN TV, a free South Asian OTT service.

Fun Asia, which acquired Big 106.2 in January 2020 from the Zee Network and Luv 107.1 and Beat 97.8 in early 2020, announced the launch of its first new division BIG FAN TV. The highly anticipated APP will be the regions first free South Asian OTT service offering the largest library of content in multiple languages and genres.

BIG FAN TV will deliver a powerful lineup of shows, movies, serials, soaps, documentaries, podcasts and live audio, offering users over 10,000 hours of free content, with a primary focus on the South Asian community. The app will include popular services in multiple South Asian languages with more to be added over time.

The free service will be available from mid-April 2021, on all IOs, Android, Apple, Google Play stores as well as Roku and can be easily accessed using any smartphone, tablet, laptop and select smart TVs – BIG FAN TV is a global service that users can access, watch and enjoy for free.

Sam Thakkar, group CEO commented, “BIG FAN TV is going to transform the cinematic experience and give audiences across the world outstanding content free of charge, which is a first for many regions.”

In addition to BIG FAN TV, Fun Asia also announced expansion plans for 5 new business verticals including: Radio Vision, FAN Films, Instore Radio, FAN Events and Digital Performance to be introduced by the end of the year.

Radio Vision – Radio Vision will bring clients and brands closer than ever before with the integration of products in their audio-visual platforms. Clients will be able to improve brand recognition with visual radio programs, enabling them to reach new audiences through creative TV content, social media networking and event integration, reaching a whole new realm of visibility such as real-time network advertising and cross-media promotion.

FAN Films – A integrated licensing department bringing the biggest Hollywood, Bollywood and independent film to the UAE. FAN Films will provide a fully-fledged distribution and representation platform in the middle east, ranging from theatre to home entertainment.

FAN Instore Radio – A custom music streaming solution service providing flexibility, creativity and high-quality content. Customers will be able to access customized playlists, creative jingles and software that is easy to install and which will transform the image and style of any business with ease.

FAN Events – With the experience of large-scale Bollywood and international events in North America, FAN Events will bring the world biggest names to the Emirates by blending local expertise with global perspectives to curate bespoke live experiences, offering audiences unmissable entertainment.

Digital Performance – FAN will bring creativity, technology and experience to create and curate social media content that engages, excites and converts consumers through its social media management system. FAN will combine data, strategy and creativity with the community to take any businesses beyond its expectations.