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The Film House Dubai and BBDO Pakistan collaborate for film ‘I am a Speaker for 509’

The film intends to create awareness against sexual harassment.

Anwar Al Amin, UAE film director and the founder of Film House Dubai, collaborated with BBDO Pakistan and WISE- (Women In Struggle for Empowerment) to create a powerful short film for awareness against sexual harassment in Pakistan.

According to an international survey 83 per cent of women in Pakistan agreed that men believe they will get away with sexual harassment and they continue as harassers. So what can an NGO do in an environment where people don’t even know there is a law that states that sexual harassment is a crime punishable by the Pakistani Penal Code in section 509?

A powerful film showcased a model being pressed to grant sexual favours to a director, but the tea boy on the set takes it upon himself to become the Speaker for 509.

The film became an instant viral sensation and many people, including celebrities, came forward as speakers for 509. It also helped in getting attention to the law that was not well known.


Client: WISE- (Women In Struggle for Empowerment)

Agency: BBDO Pakistan

Production house: The Film House Dubai

Production and direction: Anwar Al Amin