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The Company Films presents ‘The Other Side’ series for Abu Dhabi Media

Breaking the pre-conceived notion about the ‘unhappy’ career-oriented life in UAE and discovering incredible lives.

‘The Other Side’ series, produced by ‘The Company films’ for Abu Dhabi Media make waves at 50+ International Film Festivals.

Abu Dhabi Media, in association with The Company films produced a series of film, called ‘The Other side’, based on the inspiring lives of a set of expatriates leading a happy life in the UAE. The crux of the series was based on the very simple thought of breaking the preconceived notion of an ‘unhappy money oriented’ life in the UAE. Abu Dhabi media aimed to break this thought, by capturing and portraying the lives of the expatriate community. UAE, as a country has been housing millions of expatriates, providing them with a safe and secure life with an ample income and comfort. To the outside world, this implied that people do not find time to pursue happiness in the country. Upon meticulous research, delving deep into the expatriate community, The Company films handpicked 15 inspiring lives. Ranging from blue-collared workers, white-collared workers, fish merchants, bankers, accountants, corporate managers and other jobs. People from these diverse livelihoods set an example by leading an alter life, ‘the other side’ of their lives, where they are musicians, dancers, drifters, mountain climbers: whatever that keeps them happy, that they are passionate about. The series of films captured the minute nuances of the sheer passion with a very realistic, candid and intriguing narrative. 15 films were produced under the series, which were brought out to the world through ‘Abu Dhabi Media’.

The films got widely acclaimed for its inspiring content and artistic film-making style. The films drifted away from the conventional docu-film narrative, and followed a candid mis-en-scene approach, with a subtle tinge of awe. Acclaimed by the audience, Abu Dhabi media was lauded for the informative and intriguing portrayal of the expatriate community. The films further went on to receive international recognition and bagged 50+ awards in the ‘Official Selection’ and ‘Award Winner’ category of various prestigious International Film Festivals including Florence Film Awards, ARFF Amsterdam, Los Angeles Movie Awards and so on.

Creative Credits:

Director: Rajeev Thottippully

Dop :Sander Vandenbroucke , Gireesh Gangadharan

Editor: Lal Krishnan

Production House: TheCompanyFilms

Client : Abudhabi Media