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Team Red Dot urges society to #FeedHerWithPositivity on Mother’s Day, for rice brand Tilda

Team Red Dot partnered with Tilda Basmati Rice to bring a powerful message of empowerment for moms with the campaign #FeedHerWithPositivity.

Mothers selflessly shoulder the responsibility of feeding their families with goodness through healthy and delicious food. However, they are often fed with discouraging statements that affect their confidence. So, this Mother’s Day, Team Red Dot partnered with Tilda Basmati Rice to bring a powerful message of empowerment; an online film that features some of the UAE’s prominent social influencers and urges people to #FeedHerWithPositivity.

“We asked these successful influencers to highlight instances where they were faced with demotivating statements that questioned their abilities as mothers. We received a goldmine of insights that translated into the authentic statements featured in the video. But we wanted to present a solution instead of just highlighting the negative. That’s why each negative statement gets replaced with a positively rephrased one. Thus, you leave viewers with the message that something as simple as the right choice of words can make a world of difference.”, says Kartik Aiyar, head of creative, Team Red Dot.

“Tilda has been at the forefront of nurturing and nourishing families through the promise of genuine goodness. As the brand embarks on furthering this promise through product innovation, it was imperative to also bring about innovation in the way we think as a society,” says Muhammad Talha Shariq, marketing manager at Tilda Ltd.

Urooj Husain, client services director at Team Red Dot, adds, “In order to bring out the truth, we wanted these influencers not to sugar-coat anything. To be honest, it was an eye-opener for us as well to hear the kind of messages these women had received in life and through their social media handles.”

The campaign was launched with a powerful online film on International Women’s Day where each of these social influencers spoke about a wide range of generic negative statements that they’ve been exposed to. This was followed by several short-format contents featuring individual stories. All these content pieces lead into the Mother’s Day film where the focus is on dispiriting statements related to motherhood. Thus, closing the loop on Tilda’s endeavour.


Brand: Tilda Basmati Rice

Marketing Manager: Muhammad Talha Shariq

Creative Team: Kartik Aiyar, Pooja Bhatia, Faraz Ghori & Ricardo Delgado Jr.

Account Management Team: Urooj Husain, Joanne Alisha Mascarenhas & Tanay Nair

Strategic Partnerships Manager: Huzefa Siamwala

Production: Naveed Moithooty, Dreambox Creative Consultants, Dubai