Ogilvy introduces Global Health Influence offering

Ogilvy has launched a health-first suite of global influencer marketing services designed to bridge the gap between medical expertise and public awareness by providing pharmaceutical, healthcare, and wellness brands access to the Influence economy at a specialist level. 

By embracing influence, brands can establish relationships with patients and healthcare communities, leading to improved consumer engagement, medical adoption, and brand awareness.

Both patient and healthcare provider communities are increasingly relying on social media platforms for health information, with influencers helping people understand and make health and wellness decisions more than ever before.

According to new data from Ogilvy Research & Intelligence, seven in ten people surveyed (70 per cent) either follow/seek out health related social media accounts or learn about health or medical issues from social media accounts.

Health Influence’s offering is a combination of the global agency’s specialisms, bringing together Ogilvy PR’s award-winning global influencer team with experts from Ogilvy Health that bring deep experience working across the health and wellness spectrum. 

It is powered by Ogilvy PR’s proprietary tech stack designed to evaluate influencers from every angle, prioritising genuine reach over follower counts and aligning engagement metrics with an organisation’s business objectives. 

Kim Johnson, Global CEO of Ogilvy Health, said: “We are in the social age of health and wellness where shared experience is highly valued. Expert and specialist influencers are a new frontier for health and pharma brand engagement. We know that different forms of social and influencer content play a major role in educating and shaping positive health decisions in society today – from how people cope with symptoms to when they seek a diagnosis.”

Rahul Titus, Ogilvy’s Global Head of Influence, said: “Like consumer and business audiences, increasing trust and sparking business growth depends on authentic credibility, not just hard sales. Pharma and healthcare brands that get this right will reap the benefits from a rapidly expanding creator economy,The future of Health Influence is around real experts driving real impact.”

Caroline Howe, CEO of Ogilvy Health EMEA, said: “Society is at a point of peak illness and peak wellness. An aging population means more people are living with chronic illness, while more people than ever are seeking wellness and lifestyle solutions to better their health. Our experts understand the unique landscape of health and influencer marketing, navigating the regulatory compliance while delivering creative effectiveness and powerful narratives, all told through credible influencers.” 

Health Influence will be driven by a global team including Rahul Titus globally; Shannon Walsh, Michael DiSalvo and Ansley Williams in North America; Rebecca Carter and Imogen Coles in the UK; Carter and John Harding-Easson in EMEA; Stephanie Chua and James Baldwin in Asia.