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Sputnik Floyd launches the “RAK Calling” Tourism campaign

For Sputnik Floyd, producing a tourism ad for Ras Al Khaimah, one of the UAE’s seven emirates, couldn’t be more of the same old horizontal format or the tired cliché of a postcard paradise ad. Promoting this destination in a fresh and different way and reaching both Middle Eastern and international target markets had to go beyond the traditional tropes.

Before conceptualizing, the team took some statistics into consideration: in a population of 9.94 million, a whopping 97.6% of the people in the UAE are smartphone owners, compared to 68.6% that own a personal computer. On a global level, meanwhile, of the world’s 7.84 billion inhabitants, 91% own a mobile, while 64.4% of the population in developed countries have a computer.

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The numbers translate to a clear insight – when it comes to communication, traditional media (TV, computers) and their horizontal formats are increasingly outdated. The era of vertical is now truly upon us and firmly established in consumers’ minds.

Another important trend taking shape in recent years is the vlog format. More smartphone users are looking to consume content where they can follow the adventures of their favourite influencers. Globally, more than one in two users watch vlogs and 42% get travel inspiration using smartphones. What’s more, 75% of active Instagram users are likely to make purchasing decisions/destination choices after seeing video ads.

All of this data, including their research and the desire to reach users in an efficient way, enabled Sputnik Floyd to generate and implement a new concept – the social media takeover.

A multifaceted campaign

The approach to the Jebel Jais Takeover campaign combines creativity, innovation, influencer power and modern communication methods. The ad – designed as a mobile takeover – features people enjoying a chance to follow their influencers, who are spending a weekend in Ras Al Khaimah/Jebel Jais.

Upon loading up the video, audiences get the impression that their own smartphone has been taken over. The intention was to create a powerful way of capturing their attention during the first few seconds of the video, which is key in creating effective visual communication, especially considering the fact that most of us have quite a short attention span nowadays.

Viewers will also feel like they are seeing the smartphone screen of one of their influencers. From WhatsApp chats and Snapchat stories showing all the fun they’re having, to live videos and Instagram posts set in stunning locations, and TikTok or Facebook content, audiences will be able to keep up with the influencers’ adventures and the countless activities they are enjoying in Ras Al Khaimah.

In other words, the campaign is based on real user behaviour, which is exactly what makes it so impactful. It also shows a great influencer marketing approach where the influencers are not sharing just their content or talking about it, but living the experience, and sharing it as it happens.

Sputnik Floyd & RAKTDA truly live up to the RAK’s brand claim ‘live your moments’.