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Spotify strikes a chord with Egyptian Audiences

Campaign Middle East sat down with the Senior Marketing Manager at Spotify MENA, Lynn Fattouh, to talk about its latest campaign

In a blend of playfulness and culture, Spotify MENA has launched a campaign targeting Egyptians, known for their ability to find humour in any situation.

Spotify, which is committed to providing users with access to music anytime and anywhere, took this a step further by infusing a local touch for its Egyptian audience.

The campaign showcases relatable scenarios, such as friends not showing up to an outing or discovering missed questions at the back of an exam paper, both initially low moments.

However, the heroes of the situations swiftly overcome these moments with a simple touch of a button, finding empowering tracks that rejuvenate their spirits.

Senior Marketing Manager at Spotify MENA, Lynn Fattouh, explained the thinking behind the campaign, which was a collaboration between Spotify’s marketing team, Wunderman Thompson Cairo and the visionary director, Aly Aly.

“We are passionate about culture and subcultures, recognising how they intersect with creative expression in audio.

“Egypt holds a special place as the largest music and culture hub in the region, and we hyperlocalised our approach to connect with the Egyptian audience.

“Music holds immense power in Egyptian society. You can witness it every day on Egyptian streets, where music resonates with people’s emotions and connects them to moments that define their existence, from the mundane to the milestones.”

Delving deeper into the insights behind the campaign, it was aimed at addressing a relatable tension point that many listeners experience. “Sometimes, when we listen to music, the lyrics feel as if they are speaking directly to us, either accentuating the moment or striking the wrong chord.

“This realisation led us to understand the importance of control over one’s music, enabling users to enhance any mood or moment, whenever and wherever, easily.”

The campaign approached this tension point in a humorous way, highlighting how Spotify provides users with full control over their music.