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Spotify launches EQUAL: a global, always-on commitment dedicated to women creators

Spotify launches EQUAL, a new global commitment dedicated to fostering equity for women in audio and celebrating their contributions.

Spotify launched EQUAL – Spotify’s new global commitment dedicated to fostering equity for women in audio and celebrating their contributions. Spotify EQUAL will shine a spotlight on women artists locally, regionally, and internationally through global partnerships, activations, new content experiences, and on and off-platform support.

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Back in November 2020, Spotify launched SAWTIK, its inaugural women-in-music initiative for the Middle East and North Africa to amplify the voices of emerging female artists. Under EQUAL, SAWTIK artists will be given the opportunity to have their art celebrated and recognized on a global stage.

The full EQUAL campaign includes:

  • Celebrating women creators around the world, with the launch of EQUAL Hub, takeovers of flagship Spotify playlists and partner playlists.
    • The EQUAL Hub is a dedicated space on-platform to highlight women creators and allow fans to seamlessly stream their music and podcasts. It will extend beyond the month of March and is programmed globally.
  • Amplifying stories from women with WOMN, a new music + talk show with episodes released throughout the day on March 8. A diverse group of women creators, influencers and cultural figures will discuss women-centred content and share their personal reflections on music that inspired them. Encouraging others to listen to more women too. The dynamic voices include Tokimonsta, Jenny Lorenzo, Spotify’s Dope Labs hosts, Titi Shodiya and Zakiya Whately, Jazzmyne Robbins and more.
  • Supporting women voices with our new invite-only EQUAL Board. Made up of 15 organizations from around the world, Spotify’s EQUAL Board will provide each organization a one-time grant and work together on tangible ways to make the audio industry more equitable for women creators.
  • Engaging fans by encouraging them to ‘Flex Their Power to Listen’ and to play more women, no matter the day. With data-driven social videos, highlighting the breadth of content on Spotify created by women. And also with social share cards, empowering fans to share their own personal recommendations of women creators.
  • Extending our commitment to women creators beyond March. In April, Spotify is launching the EQUAL music program, fostering equity for women, in 50 countries from Japan to Argentina and from Malaysia to the UK. It will also continue to build on the success of programs like Sound Up and EQL that provide new opportunities for women creators in audio.

As the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service, Spotify takes its responsibility of highlighting and amplifying women voices seriously by curating top audio destinations for women artists with global playlists for fans from all over the world to discover.