SOCIATE welcomes Malek Shlone as its new Arabic PR executive and social media maestro

Malek Shlone works across SOCIATE’s PR and Marketing departments.

Hailing from Lebanon, Malek relocated to Dubai in 2021. With his sights set on expanding his portfolio and diversifying his professional experience, Malek moved to Dubai to pursue an internship at SOCIATE.

His passion, commendable work ethic, and enthusiastic approach to teamwork were promptly noticed; propelling him from a PR and marketing intern to a full-time Arabic PR executive and social media maestro.

Malek’s persevering nature and dedication to targets see him working in various areas across SOCIATE’s PR and Marketing departments. Beginning his journey at SOCIATE, Malek is currently involved with clients such as PRO Partner Group, MENALAC, and Warrior Academy.

Malek comments on his professional goals at SOCIATE, “The impact I would love to have on the local communications landscape is to enrich it. There’s so much talent here and I hope my dedication to my work helps bring even more value to the UAE and the region at large. I’m passionate about self-development and I’m excited to employ the knowledge I gain every day to our clients at SOCIATE”.

Graduating with a BA in PR from the Lebanese International University, Malek’s passion for creating positive change extended well beyond the classroom. In his spare time, he would serve the Blue Mission Organization and has also had an eight-year run with the Lebanese Scout Association.

Malek can be contacted at [email protected]