Snapchat launches Dynamic Ads to drive their e-commerce business

Al Tayer, Sephora and adidas are among the debut line-up of advertising partners in MENA for Snapchat’s Latest e-commerce offering  

Snapchat extends its commitment to ecommerce advertisers with the launch of Dynamic Ads designed to simplify the consumer purchase journey and drive measurable ROI.

Snapchat has launched Dynamic Ads making it easier than ever for brands to drive their e-commerce business on Snapchat.

The Covid-19 lockdown has meant that many businesses have quickly expanded their e-commerce efforts in response to consumer demand.

The arrival of Snapchat’s Dynamic Ads supports this ecommerce momentum and, from today, advertisers in MENA can automatically create globally-served Snapchat ads in real-time, based on product catalogues that can contain hundreds of thousands of products which can be served in multiple international markets.

Dynamic Ads allows brands of all sizes to showcase their products and services in a professional layout, through customized ad formats that can be easily set up. The arrival of Dynamic Ads, which is free to access, means that advertisers will save time, not only on the creative process but also on the admin front allowing advertisers to run ‘always-on’, measurable, campaigns.

Dynamic Ads is now widely available to advertisers, we are also working a strong ecosystem of partners which include 4C, Smartly.io, and Brainlabs.

Al Tayer, Sephora and adidas were among the first brands to have tested Dynamic Ads over the past month with very positive results.

Stanislas Brunais, Head of Digital, Al Tayer Insignia:

“Snap did it again ! Not only was Snapchat agile, launching Dynamic Ads in a really short timeframe, but from day 1 their new product proved itself. Snapchat’s Dynamic Ads demonstrated immediate efficiency gains vs similar dynamic ad players & substantial improvements on yield vs non dynamic formats.”

Sephora Middle East:

“With an increase in consumers pivoting their spend online during Covid-19 crisis, coupled with the strong engagement we already see on Snapchat, it was important for Sephora Middle East to maximize the strong performance from our existing ads and funnel them towards a conversion. Conversion rate was +299% higher than our average which improved our ROAS by +23%. Dynamic Ads worked equally well both in UAE & KSA, therefore we’ll continue investing in this format to drive lower funnel transactions.”

Amrith Gopinath, Senior Director Brand adidas, GCC & LENA, adidas:

“Since the onset of coronavirus, adidas is further accelerating its digital business. With e-commerce being a key focus area for us this year and beyond, we are excited to partner with Snapchat for their Dynamic Ads launch in the region. While it is still early days, we have seen a 4x improvement in ROAS effectiveness and a 52% improvement in our eCPM efficiency compared to previous commercial campaigns on Snapchat. The launch of Dynamic Ads allows us to reach our target Gen Z and millennial audiences with relevant product creative throughout the consumer journey.”

Shayan Rahimi, Head of eCommerce, MENA, Snap Inc:
“Performance advertising is the foundation of our commerce business success on Snapchat. Our latest product launch, Dynamic Ads increases automation & ROAS scalability for advertisers – accelerating their ability to connect to their consumers with the products they need and love, in the most efficient way.”

4C, Anupam Gupta, Chief Product Officer at 4C:

“We’re excited to partner with Snap to advance their performance tools for marketers by bringing Dynamic Ads into 4C’s Scope platform. Snap has always been on the cutting edge of new user experiences, and as the lines between commerce and digital advertising continue to intersect, Snap is quick to adapt to consumer behaviors. We look forward to a continued partnership with Snap on innovative commerce-focused solutions for advertisers.”

Smartly.io, Tuomo Riekki, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Smartly.io:

By partnering with Snap, we’re able to help customers unlock greater innovation and scale their efforts on Snapchat. As brands look to pivot more traditionally in-person activities to e-commerce, this new offering will play a large role in helping companies tailor their shopping and browsing experience to users’ interests, behavior and real-time product availability. Many of our customers leverage Dynamic Ads on other social channels, and are eager to further their investment on Snapchat — implementing these capabilities to scale and drive impact with ease and flexibility.